With an ever growing range of available courses, SCT Learning, provides opportunities for people of all levels to develop their professional skills and knowledge base in a convenient, accessible environment.

About SCT Learning

Our Experts

With years of experience, a great deal of passion, and numerous qualifications, our instructors are experts in their fields and will provide top notch training to optimize the opportunity each course provides.

Our Courses

We offer classes in two categories: technology training, and creative skills training.  We believe both offer enormous value to employees as they offer chances to develop their skillsets and qualifications.

Technology classes range from computer basics to training in specific programs, to high level technical skills development.

On our creative courses side, you’ll find classes on things like music, photography, and more. We believe that as people develop their creative skills and learn new things, they become better employees, no matter the job, because they become more diverse and well rounded people leading to greater productivity potential.

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